HTC1100-A10 Propulsion Control System

HTC1100-A10 is a modular and flexible propulsion control system and our solution for fixed propeller, variable-pitch propeller, Azipod and diesel-electric

propulsion systems and various belt drive systems. The system is based on the central control unit and I/O components of the HTC1100 marine distributed

automation system platform. Several versions of the control desk are available for remote propulsion control on the bridge, aft bridge and wing control

stands. Each control desk can be expanded with various operator control panels and can be easily adapted to any customer-specific application or

requirement.All system components are interconnected by state-of-the-art field bus technology.Theredundant bus concept of the control desk ensures

maximum operational reliability.

Model: HTC1100-A10/MGF

Available for:Irreversible middle and high speed machine +

Reversing the clutch +gear box + FPP manipulation.

Note: Electric – pneumatic type and  full electronic type can be selected.


Model: P10/LNF

Available for reversible low speed machine + FPP

Note Both wing control  can be selected


Model: HTC1100-A10/MNC

Available forIrreversible middle and high speed machine+CPP

NoteIndependent control / manual control / mixing control


Model: HTC1100-A10/MNZ

NoteIndependent control / manual control / mixing control


Model: HTC1100-A10/MNV

Available forIrreversible middle and high speed machine+VSP


Model: HTC1100-A10/ENV

Available forisland craft straight wing inverter propeller+VSP

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