HTC1100-C10/LTank Gauging System

HTC1100 –C10/L10 level remote gauge system is developed and based on the software and hardware platform of HAPCON HTC1100 marine distributed monitoring alarm & control system. The system can used for the liquid level continuous gauging of marine liquid cargo room , ballast water room & four

corner water draft of marine as well as the alarm function of high level and high- high level.In general, the system consists of MCS monitoring station, FMC

field measuring control station (built – in I/O module)   , water ingress alarm system independent high level liquid and high – high level liquid alarm

system as well as different kinds of level gauging sensors (radar type, pressure type ,Hysteresis telescopic type ,bubble type) .The system has the genera

l store and record function of text list display & liquid level histogram display on the computer monitoring station. The system can be equipped with printer for report and alarm record printing.  

The system can be used mainly for marine ballast system and fuel transport system and let ship crew can operate remote switch for the valve of water ballast tank,bilge water, fresh water tank and fuel tank in order to adjust ballast water and fuel, and obtain the expected marine water draft status to meet the requirements of marine different working condition, meanwhile the status of these valves can be displayed ,stored ,table making and inquired .The system can also transfer the related information to HTC1100-E10  monitoring alarm system for alarm processing. Or the system can also connect HTC1100-C10/L level remote gauge system to form full automatic valve and liquid level control system.

HTC1100-C10/VValve Remote Control System
Electric–Hydraulic Type
Hydraulic Type

The system consists of redundant monitoring computer operation station, signal collecting box, power supply unit, electric – hydraulic (hydraulic) type driving head,butterfly valve, hydraulic pump station, solenoid valve box , mobile  manual operating pump station, etc.

Signal collecting box consists of I/O modules. The type and number of I/O modules configuration are mainly decided by the type and requirement of driving head.The system has the feature of the advanced structure, easily operation, flexible configuration and safe reliable.

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