HTC-BNWBridge Navigation Watch Alarm System+Nautical Alarm System

HAPCON HTC –BNW bridge navigation watch alarm system is developed according to IMODE MSC 128 (75 ) resolution and the latest technology

standard of  IEC 62616  &  IEC 60945.The system is compact structure, easy combination, stabilization and can be installed for the new or old different

kind of vessels to ensure more safety for the marine navigation.

Nautical Alarm System
Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System+
Nautical Alarm System

IMO MSC.128(75)





NotifiedBody 0062-Marine Equipent Directive 96/98/EC

Main Function

>   Dormant time countdown function,setting range 3 - 12 minutes

>   Operation mode: manual switch on, manual switch off, can be switchover automatically

>   Three stage extending alarm

>   Emergency calling function

>   backup on duty personnel selection ( 4 selecting 1) 

>   System self test function,infrared microwave motion detection function  > failure of system and power supply output,AC220 POWER SUPPLY ,main power supply switchover backup power supply when failure

>   Navigation device such as radar and electronic chart

>   Navigation device failure alarm (Max 48 channel)

>   Wireless acknowledge

>   Equipped with VDR standard serial interface

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