HTC1100-L10Natural Gas Fuel Monitoring   Control and Security System

The system is a adopting HTC1100 distributing marine monitoring 、control & alarm system  .The purpose is undertaking the monitor of tank、vaporizer & valve remote control as well as finishing the monitoring function of collecting 、control、display & alarm of various process during the filling ,storage, gas supply & standby meanwhile the system can also monitor the environment security of the ship using LNG. By combustible gas detector, fire monitor alarm control unit etc, the hidden dangerous problem can be found in time and giving alarm meanwhile closing the emergency switch off valve for the gas fuel to ensure the safety. The other working and alarm status such as gas fuel engine & power distribution system can be transferred to bridge house and engine room position with person; the remote monitor interface has been provided to transfer the marine working status to the ship owner monitoring center.

High reliability

>Based on distributed system structure design.

>Control and Security system is completely independent.

>Power supply, communication bus redundant configuration.

>Filling, gas supply1, gas supply 2 sub  system is completely independent.

>Backup UPS power supply, ensure the system can work normally for 30 min with the failure of power supply.

Operate easily

>System adopted touching screen 、audible and visual alarm indicator is existed with button operation, meet the different operational habit

Strong expansibility

>System can be configured by the different fuel gas power supply solution,meet the requirements of rules and regulations

>System can be configured by network communication module, easily to connect with the communication of main engine ,fire alarm unit

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